Welcome to the online home of celebrated Swedish actress Annica Liljeblad.
Annica is perhaps best known for her role opposite Dominic West and Elisabeth Moss in the award-winning drama ‘The Square’ (Palme d’Or, 2017 Cannes Film Festival). She just finished shooting Justine Bateman’s film ‘Violet’ opposite Oliva Munn and Justin Theroux. Next up, Annica is headed to South Africa to film a live action feature adaption of the classic novel ‘Black Beauty’ opposite Kate Winslet and Mackenzie Foy.


Annica Liljeblad is a great actress, wonderful to work with. Brave, full of ideas and has great timing. A true pleasure.

- Jens Jonsson, Director

Annica - so curious, positive, TALENTED, creatively intelligent, and a hundred percent committed. To work with Annica was like a gift. The whole team loved her presence. Not only is she a fantastic actor - she’s a fantastic HUMAN BEING!

- Agnes Skonare Karlsson, Director

Jag har arbetat med Annica flera gånger, dels när jag själv skådespelat och dels när jag regisserat. Annica är en otroligt dedikerad skådespelare. Hon tar sitt yrke på absolut största allvar. Hon har ett register som löper brett från det dramatiska och allvarliga till det mer komiska, men oavsett vad hon gör tycker jag hennes största kvalitet ligger i det autentiska, i det äkta. Där är hon mästerlig. Utöver detta är hon förmodligen den varmaste och trevligaste person jag träffat. Jag är priviligerad som fått jobba med henne.

- Daniel Hallberg, Komiker, Art director, Programutvecklare och Programledare

When you watch Ms. Liljeblad’s scenes, you really do not think you are watching fiction. She truly makes the watcher feel as though they are actually eavesdropping on two friends engaged in a private and personal conversation rather than watching a film. Ms. Liljeblad truly is captivating as an actress and she brings to the screen a talent that is exquisite and such that any director appreciates and looks for. Annica is truly an actress with a lot of heart and passion, she brings a ton of positive energy to set, an absolute joy to work with.

- Daniel Lundh, Director, Producer

I spent time with Annica on our Oscar nominated film, The Square. She is an absolute joy to work with, a talented actress
 and beautiful human being inside and out. 
Annica is a true professional, however, she also brings a light and calm to the room. 
Our time together was lovely and the film as any indication as a pure success of her work.

- Elisabeth Moss, Actress


Ms. Liljeblad went through our audition process to land this role, which included a final improvisation with me. She passed these rather challenging tests in a very convincing way. Ms. Liljeblad is a wonderful actress who will be a great asset to the film industry in the United States. I am certain that her career will continue to flourish.

- Ruben Östlund, Director, The Square



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